Financial Spread Betting Course Update Stages Explained – Important

Just a quick note to say that I am starting to push out content for the training part of this blog. For those of you who are new to this blog and to trading, then welcome, you are in for an exciting ride and hopefully a profitable one – more to the point, this website is for you. I won’t go on about who I am, you can read more about me in the articles and so on above. What I do want to say, is that I aim to provide each and every one of you, with a complete and more to the point professional and free trader training course, not seen anywhere else on the Internet before. Not only will this course be completely free, but more so, it will be ever changing, evolving, updated. All the content will be fresh and unique and depending one when you have joined us, whether that’s right this minute as I write this, or month ahead when this post is quite old, then you are in for an exciting time. The content and training will grow out gradually. Partly to allow you guys to assimilate the information, but more so, to enable me the time to write it.

How The Free Trader Training Course Will Develop

The content for each module will go through various stages;

Stage 1 – module text written and published

Stage 2 – images, hyper links and other information added

Stage 3 – third party video added (if available)

Stage 4 – supportive contextual training images added (if applicable)

Stage 5 – supportive contextual training videos recorded / edited and added (if applicable)

Stage 6 – supportive contextual training test (if available)

As you can see, each module will go through 6 stages. However, that doesn’t mean that you will have to wait for module 1 to reach stage 6 before you can read module 2. No. The content on the training modules will appear in this stages first. Meaning, that initially it will be predominantly text based, then as the content grows and other modules added, the older modules are updated as per the stage. Each module will have a small note at the end of it, stating which stage of production it is at, allowing you to know what stage is where and why.


The important thing to realise from this update, is that the important part of the each module is added first, namely the text, as without it, you will not learn a great deal. Therefore, I will always endeavour to make sure that at least, at the bare minimum, the text is there for each module as we work through it over the weeks and months ahead.

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Another important aspect to the modules, is to comment, share information, tell us and everyone else who you are. Remember there are many people, just like you, wanting to learn about trading and it’s a great way to strike up friendships and to get to know one another.


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