Power Stock Trading Strategies Review

Power Stock Trading Strategies 2.0

As some of you guys are aware, that I am putting my weight as a trader and trainer in technical analysis behind the incredible new trader training and mentoring course. This new course; is a completely re-written and revised trader training and mentoring program that is a full disclosure of how a professional trader trades. What’s more, this program is perfect for new traders or inexperienced traders as it assumes no previous knowledge in the markets. Of course, if you do have plenty of experience, that doesn’t hurt either.

Some of you may well know that I am a big fan of Trading Concepts Inc. You can probably tell from my previous post below this one regarding their mentoring, training and the level of training that they provide. Many of you, understandably are no doubt curious, as to why I would sit here, typing away and gladly give kudos to what many would assume is my competition. Trading Concepts Inc, training and mentoring courses are paid for courses and mentoring programs, that offer direct, mentoring, training and techniques that are proven to work. To receive that kind of level of service, takes a lot and I mean a lot of work. I know, because I’ve done it, but I don’t do that anymore. I still provide free training here, on my blog, which is detailed and building out nicely and of course I will provide regular updates and videos etc, but I won’t be providing you direct mentoring etc. I simply don’t have the time for that anymore, plus 10 years of having done that previously wore me out. Now, I just want to get on with my own trading and because I know my methods and techniques and teaching works, I will be giving that away for free, gradually, over time, when I write it.

Where  as Power Stock Trading Strategies 2.0, is designed as a full on, trader training mentoring course, that rather than taking it casually like I am with my blog here, their courses and mentoring are designed for someone that wants to hit the ground running, that feels they need that one on one support, that understands, much like many of my old students do/did, that to receive that level of service and support, takes time on both parties and a good investment in yourself, personally and financially.

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