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Welcome to Financial Spread Betting 101 – The Basics

Let me share a secret with you. If you’re a budding retail investor with an opinion on the price of anything from the FTSE 100, the euro against the dollar, the price of BP shares to oil, gold and a range of other commodities, you will not find a better way to trade the financial markets than by using financial spread betting, the financial sector with a reputation for being better known in private than in public.

In the past decade, we’ve seen the broadest cross-section of clients coming on board, from hardnosed bankers to savvy housewives, ‘in-the-know’ City traders to cabbies with The Knowledge, all exercising their opinions on any of the 3,000 markets we quote online, 24 hours a day.

I’m not surprised. It’s not hard to see why financial spread betting has experienced such explosive growth in the past few years. Aside from the leverage, the minuscule dealing spreads, the absence of commission and the 24-hour dealing facilities, any profits made from financial spread betting are exempt from Capital Gains Tax – there is no tax for punters on betting.

Where else can people open an account in three minutes, place a trade from as little as £1 per point movement on all of these markets, 24 hours a day and with as little as £500 to start with? And where else can they profit from one-point spreads on most markets, which at some spread betting providers are fixed, regardless of the volatility in the markets.

This is the age of the spread bettor. You’ve never had it so good. Whether you’re opening and closing trades in a day, or taking longer positions as events unfold; whether you’re having a flutter on a whim or taking a calculated risk, betting for fun or profit, spread betting is no longer the preserve of the knowledgeable few. It is fast becoming better known in public than in private.


Basics of Spread Betting


My name is Stu Whisson and I have trained private investors and institutional investors in technical analysis and trading in spreads for over 10 years. You can read more about me on this very website. In this section of my blog, I will be producing a completely free trader training course, that will take anyone, regardless of experience, to a professional level of understanding of trading. Now this is a grand point to make, as there are many courses online, all vying for your attention, however, mostly none of them are free and those that you would cost you a lot of money, I can guarantee will not contain the same level of information as you will find here.

If you’ve new to trading, I recommend that you start out on Financial Spread Betting 101 – The Basics. This part of the course, assumes no prior knowledge, nothing, zero. However, if you do understand financial spread betting and understand a little about trading, you are welcome to move onto 201 and move forward there. Essentially 101 is for those with no experience at all. You can work your way forward through the course at your own pace. The content is gradually added to this site over time, which is one of the other reasons why I am giving it away to you. Simply because I do not have the time to spend months of dedicated writing and issue it as one huge course in one go. I prefer to add to the course as I go along, over time.

Therefore, you will find that aspects of the course will change. Any changes I make, to already existing content on the course will be highlighted in the section titled ‘Course Changes’, posts will also be made about the course changes too. Those who are on the course email list, which you can register on, on the right of this page, will receive updates to course additions, changes and amendments, so you are always up to date.

One of the huge benefits of evolving a course this way, aside from the fact that it’s an organic, ever growing thing, is that the information you will receive will be the very latest knowledge and know how that I to either know, or have researched, as I hear about new and exciting changes and developments in the trading arena.

Finally, what you do need to know, is that this 101 section, is just to make you aware, a taster of what trading is and what financial spread bets are, that is all. After finishing this section, you will not be in a postion to trade and I would not recommend you start trading till you have finished 201 at the very least.

Financial Spread Betting 101 – outline

–          Introduction (this page)
–          What is financial spread betting
–          Why should you trade in financial spread bets
–          How are financial spread bets placed
–         What the most common mistakes traders make
–          Where to start when new to trading
–          Opening your first demo account
–          Your steps to becoming a trader


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