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Welcome, hope all well at your end and the sun is shining on you. Financial Markets have been relatively calm in the last few months with the Dow Jones and S&P500 quietly hitting new highs but what’s interesting is that the majority of traders have missed out on these moves with many traders shorting the markets which has been totally the wrong approach but that is what makes a market – you always need buyers and sellers.

Stu WhissonMy name is Stu Whisson and I want to welcome you to the completely free financial trader training course. If you are new or an experienced trader, I am quite sure that the training that I can provide to you will be beneficial and more so, make you a more profitable trader.

A little about me. I started trading many years ago and pretty much stumbled on Financial Spread Betting, having been introduced to it through my best friend. During this time, from learning more about Financial Spread betting, many years ago, I realised that there wasn’t any decent training on how to take advantage of market moves and how to apply that in financial spreads. Yes, there was quite a bit of information out there, but nothing that was structured, easy to read and understand and more so, easy to apply and workable. It 2003, I created the first online trader training program, which became a massive success. During that time, I have trained many thousands of people, from all walks of life, how to benefit from trading at home. Many of which are now either trading from home to supplement their income and wonderfully, some are trading professional full time. I have written books, written for leading forums such as Trade2Win and personally trained clients of leading brokers such as Man Group Limited. I ran my website up to late 2009 when I sold it to a competitor of mine. I needed time to look after my sick Mother and concentrate on family issues.

Now in 2013, I am back. My Mother, thankfully is much better, she’s a tough old boot and now is the time, given what has happened in the markets over the last few years, that I personally feel and many do too, that it’s a great time to be involved in trading and what better way to trade than in Financial spreads. It’s the ONLY trading platform, where you can trade in all the major derivatives, on one platform, using the same techniques and methods that professional traders use (which I will teach you) and allow to trade on any computer and platform, anywhere in the World and when you do make profits, and you will, all of them are completely, 100%, TAX FREE (in the UK and other countries). Where as, let’s say you traded Forex on a Forex account, any profits you make are subject to TAX the only difference is the broker, the platforms are almost identical.

The course I am writing will take time and in many ways, I want this to be organic. Rather than throwing a load of training information on there in one go, the course will gradually grow out as the weeks and months progress into 2013 and beyond. Therefore, the training you will receive will not only be completely free, but more so, it will be current and fresh. Many times for example, I will be referring to events and times, that relate to current news and market information. What better way to learn, as the information is uploaded on this website, than with current or recent information and news that is fresh in our memories. The other good reason, I feel for putting the information up, as I work along through it, is that there is no pressure on your part, to complete modules and so on in a particular time frame.

The course, as I’ve said is free and always will be. Free doesn’t mean lacking in any way. In fact, this I aim, to be the most complete course available to you in financial spread betting. You will not need to go to expensive seminars or training events, everything will be available for you on this website. Granted, there are many training websites out there, but having looked at them, it appears that many try to be all things to all men, covering so much, that it becomes difficult to understand where and what to begin with. I want to make sure that this website remains focused. On the main site, there will be articles that will be published several times a week, that are generally to do with the markets, you don’t need to read these, it will be great if you do of course, but they are there as general information and guidance and so on. The training itself will be available from the top menu. To make sure that you are kept up to date with the training, I would advise that you join the ‘Free Trader Training Course’ email service. When I have updated the website with more training, you will be alerted, this will save you having to visit the website every day to check. Plus, it will enable you to keep up to date with your training and I will provide additional training through the email service too. To register, simply enter your details in the box that you should see on the right of this page.

I am convinced that regardless of your experience in trading, whether this is something you’re just starting out and interested in, or you are an experienced trader, who, like all good traders, should continue learning and developing, that I can help and improve your trading and trading mindset too – as trading is a very psychological game too. I won’t make you a millionaire, but I am sure that my methods, training and techniques that you will learn for free on this website, will enable you to reach your goals, both in trading and in life.

I look forward to working with you.

Warmest regards

Stu Whisson

PS – under each module is a comments section. Please feel free to ask questions or comment.

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