The Internet is a wonderful resource, if you know what to look for and where to look for it. One of the largest drawbacks with the Internet, is that there is so much information, it’s hard to know what to ask the search engines for, let alone being able to find what you are looking for once you have entered the search in the search engine. As good as the likes of Google and Bing etc are, there are drawbacks with the simple dominance of the amount of information that is fed back to you. You then have to look at that information and decide whether it’s actually relevant to your needs.

This is where I aim to save you a lot of time, by providing interesting and if possible free resources in which would benefit you. The idea being, that simply it would save you the hassle and time having to look for them yourself. Plus, half the time, many do not know they realise that a lot of this information is available, let alone in many cases for free.

I aim to build this out gradually. As information, as I know you know, is ever changing on the Internet.

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