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Just a quick note, to let you know that I am building a list of financial spread betting companies which I am in the process of reviewing. I will be posting updates on this page soon, that will include a review on each of the companies platforms, markets, spread sizes, account requirements and whether they are more suitable the professional or beginner. Please be patient as this will take some time to put together. One thing I would be wary of, is that I have seen quite a number of websites, that claim to provide comparison reviews etc of financial spread betting companies, but most, in fact nearly 90% of those I have seen have been out of date.

At the present time I would recommend Ayondo as one of the fairest providers out there. They payout 100% of dividend payments, offer guaranteed stops and will only charge you overnight financing on the amount you actually borrow. So if you put up GBP2,000 as margin to open a trade for an exposure of GBP10,000, Ayondo will charge you for the net GBP8,000 they have effectively lent you unlike other providers like IG and Capital Spreads. Ayondo also waive negative balances meaning that you never stand to risk over and above the amount you deposit with them.

As the trading platform is browser-based, there is no need to download any software and you can control your account from any computer. A demo account is available, allowing you to try out spread betting before committing any money. In addition, to help you try out the features there are a number of online tutorials. If you’re not a visual learner, the documentation is comprehensive. Please note that with spread betting losses can exceed deposit.

One feature of Ayondo is that it has very tight spreads on its products, and, as this is where trading costs occur with spread betting, tight spreads equate to a greater profit. The spreads are one point on the FTSE, DAX, and EUR/USD, and two points on the GBP/USD and Wall Street, and it is unlikely that you will find a provider to beat these, although some will match them. You should note that with 24 hour trading, such as Ayondo offers, the spreads will always increase out of market hours because of the inability of the broker to hedge any trades placed.

Somewhat unusually in this competitive marketplace, at the moment Ayondo offers no particular incentives to join although if you sign up from our link you are eligible to an exclusive £500 in extra monies. However, you can join without funding your account, and when you wish to trade you will only need to meet the margin requirements for the financial security you are betting on.

In the mean time, you are more than welcome to email me at and I can point you in the direction of some brokers, spread betting companies that maybe suitable for you. Just drop me a line, whilst I get this section of the site together.


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