What Is The Price Of Good Education?

Financial spread betting is no different from anything else in life, anyone who takes the time to learn what it is all about will stand a far better chance of earning a lucrative income from it. It is easy to just jump straight in and start trading from day one and if micro stakes are used then it won’t be much of a problem but the time spent going through the educational materials that are provided by the financial spread betting companies will be worth their weight in gold to you.

I will share a quick story with you from when I first started financial spread betting. There was nothing like the free educational resources that are available now, if you wanted any spread betting training you had to pay for it, and it definitely didn’t come cheap. I figured that I would just jump straight in and pay to go on one of these training courses after I had made some money, talk about reverse logic, anyway, I was talking to someone who was an options trader in the city and when I told him of my plans he soon put me in my place by telling me that if I didn’t learn about the different aspects of financial spread betting before I started trading I would need my head testing. He said that when you take into consideration the fact that a successful financial spread bettor has the capabilities of earning a similar amount of money to that of a doctor or a lawyer and that they have to spend many years on their education, and I was complaining that I would have to spend a few hundred pounds over the course of a couple of months.

Needless to say I bit the bullet and went on a two day course, when I look back I would have to say that the £297 that it cost me was probably the best money I have ever spent. It gave me the push that I needed to realise that there was and is a definite learning curve in financial spread betting and with that in mind I have always taken the time since to try and further my education on a  regular basis.

Now of course, the educational material that is available in the members area of the spread betting companies is all you really need. It is not just the basic stuff that they are so good at teaching but also various charting methods as well as regular seminars and online instruction. You may be asking yourself why this kind of advice and help is given without charge, after all, isn’t it like a traditional bookie giving out tips on who will win the 2.30 at Southwell, ie, why would they go out of their way to help you to win money which would mean that they will lose money.

Well, contrary to popular belief, the spread betting brokers want you to win, they make their money on the spread so they don’t make any more money if you end up losing but if you win and stay with them, it will mean that it will turn out to be a lucrative relationship for both parties.

So, remember that a good spread betting education is something that you should grasp with both hands as the chances are the time you spend bettering yourself in this way will pay dividends over the long term.

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