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Many people setup blogs and websites with little to no real, living, breathing knowledge of the market they are servicing. Such has become the increasing norm in the financial trading markets. This is the reason, that in 2012, I decided to return to the financial trader training market and stir things up once again, like a I did in 2003.

Hello, my name is Stu Whisson and in 2003, I created one of Europe’s leading online trader training courses. I started off writing about Financial Spread Betting, which is the reason, why today, I am starting of a series of websites in trading, with this one aimed at the financial spread bet trader. More sites will gradually come online over the months and years that focus on other derivatives such as Forex, CFD’s, Single Stock Future, Eminis and more. The purpose, much like it was in my original website in 2003, was to provide easy to understand information and training, combined with that personal touch, which most websites in this niche simply ignore.

2003 for me was a great year. I ran Insight Support Limited and it’s associated websites till 2010, when I decided that the market was overly saturated, it was hard to compete with the forex robots and stupidly priced training courses, that provided no direct support. This made me, to be honest… a little jaded. I was tired with the whole market turning away from truly helping those new and experienced traders to learn and develop, to turning into a market where products and services were springing up left, right and centre, simply as a means to prize the money away from those traders, that a few like me had hoped to help. In 2010, I sold the courses, the websites and more to Guido at www.financial-spread-betting.com. In fact, if you go there now, 90% of the training material written and provided there were from my company. I’ve also have books published, “How to Succeed in Financial Spread Betting  http://www.amazon.co.uk/How-Succeed-Financial-Spread-Betting/dp/0954658507/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1352907731&sr=8-1  plus appeared on Europe’s leading trading forum, Trade2Win.com as one of their first training providers: http://www.trade2win.com/authors/456-stu-whisson

So why am I back. Well, at the age of 43, spending 2 years looking after my ill mother and finding myself single again, this has made life interesting, plus I have experienced coming up for now 10 years of training private investors/traders, I wanted to create something new. I decided that it was time that I returned and made things change for the better again. I do personally believe that many traders new and old alike, are more aware of the rips offs, the training scams and the software black box knock offs simply do not work. Those of you, who may have ever read any of my training, will understand that I write from the heart, have a very broad and detailed skill-set in training traders and do so with what I like to believe a personal style of my own. Some like it, others don’t. I am the ‘Marmite’ of the trading World, oh and if you don’t know what ‘Marmite’ is, look it up and try it, I love it personally.

If you are new to all this, then welcome, you will soon realize that all of my training is steered well clear of being dry and dull. In fact, when I first started in 2003, it was one of the main reasons I set up the business; all the training was about as exciting and as interesting as watching paint dry. I then realized that in fact there were a lot of people out there, in the glorious World of the Internet, who wanted to learn how to trade but constantly gets put off by the monotone droning old stiff with glasses in a suit. What is funny is that most traders now, do so from home, many in fact in their underwear. Something I wouldn’t recommend, that especially if you’re training people and you forget that you have a training videoconference booked and you’ve forgotten that you’re sitting in your knickers. It was only when one of my students pointed out that I was wearing a dressing gown that it dawned on me…. Oh happy days.

What’s in all of this for you? Well that’s a good question. As I’ve said, I’ve many years of experience in training traders, in analysis, in fact in most forms of analysis. I aim to create separate sites for all the derivatives and then provide training in analysis and the products related to that. For example, here we have the Financial Spread Betting market; I will train you how to trade spreads, then methods of trading spreads, then more advanced methods and so on and so on. I will do the same also for the Forex markets and eMinis and more. Why? Well simply because each market have nuances, that means not all methods would work globally across them all.

Why have I started with Financial Spreads? Well it was where I started in 2003. We are almost 10 years later, it’s mid November 2012 as I write this and I feel the time has come to provide a new insight into trading, that is personal, fun, informative, easy to understand and most importantly , works.

Oh and one final thing. The content is ever evolving. I don’t believe in just putting together a website and chucking a ton of content on it that doesn’t work. Therefore, the content that I am writing, is totally new, to take advantage of new findings and methods and techniques, that previously were not around. Analysis and trading has developed/evolved and moved on in 10 years. This is why I feel that it’s now important to grow a network of sites, that has new, exciting and evolving content. As I am writing all the content myself, it will take time to grow out, but grow it will. Therefore, I recommend that you book mark this site and return regularly as the training and information grows.

I look forward to helping you be a better trader.

Stu Whisson



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